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The LP-2750 Pro is the ultimate water leak detection tool for pools, spas, and ponds. A must-have for any Leak Detection service company to improve efficiency and to show scientific data to customers. Featuring rapid 15-minute test times and the ability to find out whether the leak is occurring, whether in the structure or the plumbing systems, this tool increases efficiency and profitability. The LP-2750 Professional Leak Detector Tool allows you to find leaks quickly, provide daily leak rates, and confirm repairs.

Trusted by American Leak Detection and other top leak specialists across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

  • Find leak rate in pools, spas, ponds, tanks, and more
  • Diagnose what part of the system is leaking 
  • View daily leak rates with a 15 minute test
  • Confirms repairs on-site
  • Confirm structural and plumbing integrity
  • Eliminate roll-outs
  • Earn more money  with the additional service
  • Efficiently discovers leaks

The patented LP-2750 employs American-made stainless steel load cells, sensitive to 1/10,000th of an inch, housed in a concealed pod to isolate pool surface noise. When the float ball compresses the load cell, the LP-2750 swiftly measures water level changes and converts them into inches per day for easy analysis. Conduct two tests, one with pumps on and one with pumps off, to pinpoint leaks in your pool system—suction, structure, or returns. Matching results suggest a structural leak, while greater leakage with pumps on indicates a returns issue, and with pumps off suggests a suction-side leak. This tool simplifies leak detection, saving time and effort.

  • LP-2750 Professional Leak Tool
  • Tube extension
  • Durable travel case

Measures leak rate in minutes

The LP-2750 efficiently provides users with daily leak rates within 15 minutes. Finding a leak, checking structure integrity, and confirming repairs have never been easier. Through a series of two tests, you can discover what part of the system is leaking ad if there are multiple leaks. 

  • Versatile tool for the service industry

    The perfect addition to help increase jobs and revenue, while saving time and resources. The Lp-2750 helps leak detection companies, pool inspection companies, pool builders, and pool service companies. save time and resources.

Absolutely. The LP-2750 converts its measurements into inches per day, making the data easy to understand. By comparing the results of the tests, you can confidently determine where the water leak is located, whether it's in the pool's structure, the return lines, or the suction lines.

With the LP-2750, you can run two separate test periods: one with the pumps and equipment on, and another with them off. By comparing the results of these two tests, you can identify the specific part of your system that is leaking – whether it's the suction side, the structure, or the return side.

Absolutely. The LP-2750's accurate detection and ability to pinpoint the leak's location help avoid unnecessary excavation or exploratory processes, leading to more efficient leak detection and repair procedures.

The LP-2750 is built for durability and reliability, but it's recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance. Regular calibration checks ensure that the tool continues to provide accurate measurements, helping you maintain the highest level of performance.

Yes, the LP-2750 is designed to cater to a range of users, from experienced leak detection professionals to those who are newer to the field. Its user-friendly design and intuitive testing process make it accessible and effective for all levels of expertise.

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