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The KonaFlow™ water flow meter is the world's most affordable, accurate and reliable flow meter on the market. It is easy to install with no position or length limitations. It reads accurately in any orientation - horizontal, vertical, or upside-down and can be plumbed adjacent to any elbow. KonaFlow™ is applicable to many industries and is suitable for irrigation, hydroponics, agriculture, pools, water features, and chemical feed systems.  It is made using durable plastics and high-quality Hastelloy and Stainless Steel components, providing reliable and accurate flow rate measurements. The KonaFlow™ was originally developed to know the perfect flow rate for water features. It has evolved to be suitable for all industries and due to its highly accurate spring, it is widely well respected.  Ask us how the KonaFlow™ can work for you.

  • Precise flow measurement
  • Easy installation
  • Chemically resistant 
  • Durable technology
  • Fits 3/4" - 1" diameter pipe
  • Does not need calibration
  • Does not use batteries or power
  • Measures 0-25 GPM (also available in LPM and m3/h
  • Measures precise in horizontal, vertical, and upside-down positions 

The KonaFlow uses proprietary technology to precisely measure the incoming flow of liquid. It is made with durable plastic, Hastelloy springs, and Stainless steel components, providing reliable and accurate flow rate measurements

  • KonaFlow™ Flow Meter

From the inventor of FlowVis™

The KonaFlow uses the same precise and patented technology as the FlowVis flow meters.  The KonaFlow measures the precise flow rate in any direction and space at an affordable price. 

Precise measurement
Suitable for all industries
Accurate in any orientation
Simple installation

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