This is a must for any pool builder, leak detection company or pool service. The simplicity of being able to do a bucket test in a short period of time and determine if you resolved a problem or if it's ongoing we'll save you time and money for years to come.

Daniel S.

I have been looking for a product to monitor my 12 unit complex and this has been the perfect fit. We were able to identify multiple leaks and bring down our water consumption.

Dave S

Works great!Purchased to Hague flow going to aquarium equipment. Works perfectly & is easy to see. Fast shipping, too! Thank you!

Ashley A.

My KonaFlow meters just arrived and I am very pleased with the look/quality of the units. They are exactly as described and meet my expectations. thank you

Michael J.

Automatic Pool Filler

LevelSmart Wireless Autofill

LevelSmart™ is the dependable and simple retrofit you need. With American-made quality, this pool autofill system is the most reliable pool filler on the market. Say goodbye to manual filling and let the LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill take care of maintaining your desired water level, ensuring a stress-free pool experience.

1,000 feet wireless communication
Simple retrofit installation
Maintains desired water level
Over-fill protection
  • Professional Leak Detection Tool


    The ultimate water leak detection tool for pools, spas, and ponds. Efficiently discovers daily leak rate and can diagnose what part of the system is leaking.
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Water leak detection device with real-time alerts for early water leak detection and resolution
  • Leak Detection and Alerts


    Protect your property and peace of mind with the MeterDog™. Delivering unmatched insights across your entire property.
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